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By working closer together, you will feel more secure towards your clients when introducing our services. Most of all, your clients will feel secure doing business with your firm.

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Having your firm in our team is a great opportunity for both of our firm. We are now present in 25 countries and growing. During the Holidays, we have been brainstorming on how to better assist you in conquering clients interested in expanding their business to the US. (There is a lot of businesses and companies who would like to expand. They just don’t know they can.)

We prepared a marketing package. We also feel it is important for us to better guide you so that you truly understand our services and the positive impact it will have on your future clients.

By working closer together, you will feel more secure towards your clients when introducing our services. Most of all, your clients will feel secure doing business with your firm.

To be successful, we recommend the following:

Step 1: You need to review your training documents which are directly related to your private website.

Step 2: You need to understand every aspect of the pre-qualification documentation.

**We are available for you at all time, even after hours and on weekends if you so desire.

The faster you learn and get organised; the more revenues will come. In our opinion, there is a lot more revenues to be made by selling US immigration services compared to Canadian immigration. One of the reason is that we offer more than only immigration services; we offer turn key consulting services helping the clients establish themselves, their family and their business everywhere in the US. All these related services are offered by our Business Centers which you will benefit from. Furthermore, your clients need to renew their US work permit every other year: they go from US work permit to Permanent Residency (Green Card), they transfer more key employees, etc. Some of our clients have been with us for over 15 years. Once you get going, the clients will come to you and clients will be referring clients. We are sure that this is also what is happening in your Canadian immigration practice.

Our dedicated team always creates a bond with our clients and their family. When they obtain their US work visa and their spousal obtain US work authorization, when their children are in school, our team feels that they have helped members of their family achieve their dream of living in the United States. When the family obtains the Permanent Residency (Green Card), it’s mission accomplished. We know you probably feel the same because that is what immigration services are all about.

Step 3: How do we secure your clients?

By not asking them for money! …until we can prove to them that they qualify and why they qualify. That’s why we offer immediate and unlimited free consultation and free assessment.

Step 4: Verification

Once we consider they qualify, if applicable for certain cases, we will send them a quote for specific verification to be done on location (their offices) by a consulting firm chosen by CanAm and NY immigration Law group.

Our reputation with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is 24 years old. We will not jeopardize our reputation without having done a due diligence on certain clients and the verification that the information transmitted to us is valid.

Step 5: If no verification is required and we consider they qualify, CanAm immigration and NY immigration Law group, through your firm, will send them an overview quote. Our quotes are always flat fee. (This means that if there is extra work that has not been anticipated by us, there will not be extra fees.

Step 6: Sign the service contract and let’s get to work!

After the verification of certain documents qualifying them (the business or company and the key employees), CanAm and NY Immigration Law group will be ready to sign the service contract with the client.


After 24 years of offering US immigration services, we understand that clients are always very excited to learn that they qualify. Our recommendation: always follow up to make sure the client understands what was presented to them. Then, let them come back to you because they need to process the information you have provided them and they need to think how they can apply that to their business and to their family life. They also need to figure out where and when they want to go. Moving to the US is a major decision, mostly for the family. Give them time, don’t push. They will come back when they are ready. The most important is that they know they qualify.

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